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Private Sales

I have decided to have a bit of a clearout!

Prices are as far as I can see in the right ball park. This is a local - buyer collects and tries. It may be possible for me to arrange delivery, but I would much rather not do so.

Photos to follow.

I have some stuff to sell (used) if you are interested. All to finance a new acoustic, which I have already bought.

GREAT 1996 Yamaha APX4A (Tobacco brown) - my main pub gigging normal tuning guitar for years - Looking for about £185 or £215  if  I include the
Hiscox case.

Pretty - great player - few very minor dings, no plectrum marks - I am a
finger picker.


FG500 Withdrawn apart from local sales - sorry.

And everything else below on this page - I have decided to keep them for the moment.. HOWEVER, if anybody local (you know who I am!) is interested I might reconsider!

Yamaha FG500 (circa 1969 Red Label Nippon Gakki)) - Rare as hen's teeth.

Year(s) Sold: 1969-72
Top: Solid Spruce
Back / Sides: Jacaranda
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Ebony
Body Depth: 96-116mm
Color(s): Natural
Finish: Gloss
String Length: 637mm


Only one I can find on the net is £500 - Offers around that. Collectors dream (If you like very old Yamaha acoustics). Old hard case included.

Original Electro - Harmonix POG - bought from GAK some years ago - box,
instructions, everything that came with it - one broken slider switch top -
I have the part - does not affect the workability at all - Probably needs a
bit of superglue, but, I don't use it much any more.

This is what it does. Copyright to whoever recorded this! Pedal that will do GOOD church organ sounds and a well passable bass. Interesting for vocals...

I've used it in pubs - certainly makes everybody at the bar wake up! Works just as well with acoustic guitars.

Looking for around £150 - £175


Variax 300 electric  . All the stuff, soft case included - I paid £325 quid
many years ago - Er, looking for - £200 perhaps - great guitar (black), some minor dings, but nothing serious - Everything works.

Tanglewood TB500 Resonator - red - I have always hated it - Looking
for about £70-80 quid. Fabulous looking electric resonator (red),
but................................... Never got on with it, myself.

Have checked out the minimum prices on ebay - Don't think I am that far out.

I have an awful lot of guitars round here at the moment, which I have bought over the
years - unfortunately, a 'cull' might be a good thing!!!.



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