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Mark (MTM) Handmade Guitars and Electric Ukuleles




NOW on sale direct from Mark Haley.


Concert size Ukulele.

Chambered 150 year old pine body.

Solid walnut top with carved motif.

Wenge fret board.

Under saddle passive piezo pickup with tone and volume controls.

Burr oak headstock veneer on a mahogany neck.

Price £325.00

Contact Mark Haley through the 'Contact us' tab on the home page, and he will get back to you.

**Custom orders welcome**

All ukulele pictures courtesy of Nigel Harley - see his link on the home page.



And this is what they sound like plugged in - Thanks to Steve Scott for playing it properly!!!

Ever heard a Ukulele through a fuzz box, or whatever they call themselves nowadays. Totally barking mad! Thanks Steve!!!!

Try this:

Below are some pix of some of Mark's earlier stuff. Click on thumbail to zoom or start slideshow.

And some more recent stuff.. I had this great idea that I wanted to play a lapsteel, so Mark made one - these photos are before it was strung up. It plays magnificently now, and is about to have a 'savage' pickup put on it, and maybe a couple of 'palmbenders' later when I get my head around playing it................................. DM

The Lapsteel...



What fun!

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